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The Neural Yorker – Synthetic cartoons by Ilan Manouach & Yannis Siglidis

A product of a collaboration between a comics artist, Ilan Manouach and an AI engineer, Ioannis Siglidis, The Neural Yorker is an AI engine that posts synthetic cartoons on Twitter. It is based on a GAN-derived model, developed by Applied Memetic that has been trained on millions of data units whose collection occurs on a variety of different indexing regimes and systems of classification and labeling. The multitude of epistemic regimes is not only thematized here as a metaphor or a theoretical perspective on the increasingly aggregate nature of knowledge production in our computational age, but becomes an operational procedure in the construction of the very same synthetic cartoons.

Ilan Manouach id16271_image0 The Neural Yorker auf Twitter
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Julia Bünnagel: Sounds Like… Vienna

"Sound performances in public space – an urban soundtrack for Vienna. Julia Bünnagel creates concrete records from molds of sidewalks and street surfaces in Vienna’s urban space. The Cologne artist brings Viennese architecture to life in her DJ set (turntablism). The turntable’s needle reads the architectural texture. The cast surfaces of the streets that are inscribed on the records mix with the sounds of the city during the performances SOUNDS LIKE… VIENNA. – flooding the square – an architecture rave for Vienna."
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